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HerbCure™ Vein Relief Patch

HerbCure™ Vein Relief Patch

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Never have to hide your spider legs again!

Our HerbCure™ Vein Relief Patch is clinically proven for diminishing swelling, pain, varicose and spider veins upon the first week of use.

With a blend of plant-based, cell renewal ingredients, this non-invasive and drug-free remedy is 100% safe for the human body. 

Specially formulated for supporting healthy vein tissue formation, it also improves blood circulation and relieves swelling

Free to trim
, simply apply this thin, stretchable patch on the affected areas. Made of breathable, hypoallergenic material, it does not irritate nor harm your skin. 

It also improves skin tone and deeply moisturizes dry skin, and combats wrinkles and any signs of aging, promoting a smooth, natural-looking skin.

1. Clean and dry the affected areas well before using.

2. Remove the back lid and apply to affected areas.
3. Wear for 1-2 days for each session.

Patch Dimensions: 7 x 10 cm

Weight: 40g

1 Pack x HerbCure™ Vein Relief Patch (8pcs) or

2 Packs x HerbCure™ Vein Relief Patch (16pcs) or 
3 Packs x HerbCure™ Vein Relief Patch (24pcs) 

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