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Cube Hole Driller
Cube Hole Driller
Cube Hole Driller
Cube Hole Driller
Cube Hole Driller
Cube Hole Driller

Cube Hole Driller

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Achieve a smooth, symmetrical finish for every wooden furniture, doors, and windows that need a squared hole with the help of this Cube Hole Driller.

It conveniently turns your drill press into a mortising machine that produces clean, square cuts for your woodworking projects. It ensure that it works great for heavy chopping or rigorous drilling that results in increased accuracy and lesser working time.

This Cube Hole Driller is perfect for cutting holes in timber, laminate, plasterboard, plastic, plywood etc. From thin sheets to thick boards, 30mm to 120mm capacity. Also fits most mortising machines and drill press attachments.


  • Get Professional Results - Makes consistently clean cuts with smooth side walls.

  • Must-Have Tool - Helps you create square holes effortlessly and perfectly.

  • Highly Efficient - The standard chip design facilitates the discharge of wood chips to improve drilling efficiency.

  • Widely Used - Great for drilling square holes in wood which makes it suitable for renovation, construction, installation, decoration industry, etc.

  • Wide Compatibility - Fits all mortising machines and drill press attachments, whether it's manual or electric hand drills.

  • Superior Quality - Thoughtfully constructed from a high-quality and hardened material that is resistant to both heat and corrosion

  • Practical - Reduces labor, minimizes costs and speeds up construction or renovation.

  • Time Saving - Prevents frustration of making inaccurate holes and saves your time as you complete your tasks.

  • Convenient - It removes waste through a chip ejection slot in the chisel.

  • Built to Last - The drill and its sleeve are in the same plane to ensure the balance of force and prevent it from bursting.


  • Material: High-speed Steel
  • Hardness: HRC48-50
  • Drilling Core Length: 200mm
  • Clamping Shank Diameter:
  • 5/16 inch (8MM)
  • 3/8 inch (9.5MM)
  • 1/2 inch (12.7MM)  

Package Includes

1x Cube Hole Driller 

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