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Cigarettes Filtering Powder
Cigarettes Filtering Powder
Cigarettes Filtering Powder
Cigarettes Filtering Powder

Cigarettes Filtering Powder

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Don't be threatened by toxins in cigarettes anymore! 

Our Cigarettes Filtering Powder is the ultimate solution to reduce nicotine and tar up to 90% without changing the taste of cigarettes.  

Effective in prohibiting nicotine and toxic metabolites, it prevents the the accumulation of harmful and carcinogenic chemicals in your respiratory system. 

With just a dip before lighting your cigarette, this detoxifying powder benefits lungs to drain excess mucus which causes infections, as well as to help quit smoking by reducing nicotine absorption. 


  • Prevents and clears tobacco and tar accumulation 
  • Prohibits and deactivates toxic and carcinogenic chemicals
  • Anti-nicotine addition help cigarette withdrawal

  • Made with natural and anti-inflammatory herbal extracts
  • Reduces coughing, mucus and irritation on throat 
  • Coats and protects your lungs and airways by lowering toxins absorption 
  • Prevents bronchitis, chronic pneumonia or tumor-related diseases
  • Herbal mint scent for refreshing bad breath 


  • Ingredients: Coltsfoot, Mint, Beta-cyrptoxanthin, Cysteine, Anti-oxidants 
  • Net Weight: 4g  (4-12 Weeks Use for Daily Smokers)


  • Use the end of the cigarette to dip the powder before lighting 
  • Follow usual process of tobacco use 


  • 1pc x Cigarettes Filtering Powder

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